Brad Marino “Extra Credit”

Brad Marino “Extra Credit”

Brad’s obviously a man who likes to keep himself busy. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were reviewing his solo EP and the album from his band The Connection. But that’s fine with us, as we’re big fans of his punk flavoured power pop.

First song “Broken Clocks” certainly confirms that’s the style of music that is being offered up on this latest release. “No One Else Tried It” mixes punk and pop to the extent of giving us the feel of The Ramones covering a Beach Boys song. That neat mixing of power pop melody with a bit of a punch is kept up with “Fit To Be Tied” and “C’Mon C’Mon C’Mon”.

However, where this album really shines is when Brad allows the pop element of the sound to dominate. That’s evident on songs like “What Comes Naturally” and “It’s Not Right” which are built around strong melodies and catchy choruses. However, Brad really hits gold with “Wake Up Baby” and the brilliant “Broken Record ”. These tracks really have us thinking of Elvis Costello. That’s a big compliment given he is surely the master of writing the perfect pop/punk song.

If you’re looking for a power pop record to spend your summer with, then this is perfect. It’s made for listening to on a sunny day in an open top car. Sadly, many of us can only dream about the car, but that shouldn’t stop these songs acting as your soundtrack to good times in the sun.

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