Brad Marino “Four Track Attack”

Brad Marino “Four Track Attack”


Brad Marino is the lead singer/songwriter for The Connection. We loved their “Just For Fun” album when we reviewed it, so were excited to get this solo release. It’s only an EP but there’s always room for a little bit more rocking power pop in our lives.

Given the above, it should come as no surprise that opening number “Should’ve Known” is a brilliant in your face punk /power pop song. To some, that may sound like a contradiction in sounds but when we hear a song like that one and “On The Brink” we think of both the Beach Boys and the Ramones!

There’s a real old school sound to “Hey Girl”, it’s just a brilliant rock n roll song full of melody. It kind of reminds us of Butch Walker at his throw away pop best (think of his time with ‘The Let’s Go Out Tonights’). It’s a similar case with the punky pop of “Special Friend”. It’s good time rock n roll which will surely get your head shaking and put a smile on your face.

This is really a corker of an EP. We’re really just gutted that it only lasts for four songs. But for now, it serves as an excellent injection of fun and sunshine in your life. Maybe sometimes it’s best to keep things perfectly short and sweet.

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