Martha “Love Keeps Kicking”

Martha “Love Keeps Kicking”

The fact that Martha simply call themselves a pop band from Durham City, UK but have a website address of probably tells you a lot about the band’s sound.

Things kick off with the jangly indie pop of “Heart Is Healing”, which has a quite joyous feel to it. Together with tracks like “Sight For Sore Eyes” and “Orange Juice” you instantly feel like you’ve found the band that you want to accompany your summer. You will be picturing yourself in a sunny field at a festival with a beer and enjoying the simple life.

The band just seem to have a brilliant knack of creating indie pop songs that are catchy and just grab you from the first listen. A great example is the fantastic “Into This” which is an almost perfect indie pop song that you will fall in love with. Songs like that and “Love Keeps Kicking” remind us of when Brit pop first came out, brilliant songs which are indeed ‘pop’ songs but retain that indie credibility.

However, there’s more to Martha’s sound than that. They also have a leaning to a US Alternative rock sound. They can get more raucous on tracks like “Wrestlemania VIII” and “The Void” . Perhaps displaying a past listening to acts like The Replacements. Whilst the more sugary alternative rock of “Mini Was A Preteen Arsonist” and “Lucy Shone A Light On You” will appeal to Lemonheads fans.

It’s just so great to listen to an album that just makes you feel good and that’s what “Love Keeps Kicking” does. It’s chock full of brilliant songs that will lift your spirits and remind you of how good music can be for you. We’re particularly delighted to have found a UK band delivering this kind of great indie rock. Now we’re just hoping we get the chance to see them live, preferably at a festival, on a sunny day with a cold (or even warm) beer in our hand!

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