The Connection “Just For Fun”

The Connection “Just For Fun”


As we’ve previously stated, we’re not normally sold on the idea of a covers album. But, The Connection’s love of punk and power pop make them just the kind of band we dig. Plus, this is being released on Rumbar records, a label that always delivers great stuff.

The other great thing about this release, is that it steers clear of the ‘normal’ and obvious covers. Sure, Bob Segers “Get Out Of Denver” is a standard rock n roll number but it’s a new one to us. An album like this can help you discover other artists. So, whilst the name and influence of Dave Edmunds is well known to us we’re not that familiar with his music. Having heard the absolutely brilliant version of his “Other Guys Girl” song on here, we will definitely be checking out more of his songs. Even when choosing a band like The Rolling Stones, The Connection have still opted for the less obvious by going with the bluesy “No Expectations”.

They’re also not afraid to show their influences. The Dictators’ “Stay With Me” is an absolutely brilliant song delivered like a power pop tune and Sylvain Sylvain’s “Teenage News” is just so damn fun and infectious. Now, of course, any power pop band worth its salt is influenced by Cheap Trick. So it’s not a huge surprise to hear “Southern Girls” appearing on this release…it’s a banker really as you can’t go wrong with Cheap Trick.

The album ends with “Get A Haircut” which, we think, is a George Thorogood song. It’s a great way to end it all off and a real sleazy rock n roller, full of attitude. Indeed, that song and the album title tell you all you need to know about this release. It’s just damn good fun. You know that the band would have had a blast recording these songs. That spirit and enthusiasm comes through the songs making it a joy to listen to. A perfect accompaniment for a few beers and time to have some fun.

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