The Cheap Cassettes “Kiss The Ass of My Heart”

The Cheap Cassettes “Kiss The Ass of My Heart”


Surely the owners of one of the best band names we’ve heard in a long time, The Cheap Cassettes are also a damn fine band. We reviewed and loved their last album so were eager to hear this new EP.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear opener and title track “Kiss The Ass Of My Heart” is The Replacements. That’s right from the couldn’t give a sh*t inclination of the title through to the gutter punk sound. It’s a similar feel with “Hieroglyphics in Lipstick”. The sound is a brilliant mix of punk rock snarl and pop melodies. They’re catchy but don’t stray in to being too sweet to stomach.

Not surprisingly, things get a bit glammy sounding on “Black Leather Angel” but we’re still deeply in the gutter rock sound. Things are then brilliantly rounded off with the punk n roll stylings of “Worse N’ Better” which just sounds like a real crowd pleaser. Perfect for singing along to at the top of your voice when at a gig.

The only disappointment with this release is that it’s only four tracks as we could listen to this type of sound all day long. It clearly follows on from their previous release but there is also a sense of development. They haven’t changed their sound but they’ve just nailed it on this release. So now we just need a new full album ASAP!!!

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