The Idol Lips “Street Values”

The Idol Lips “Street Values”


We’re not really sure we agree with the adage that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. When we first heard the band name “The Idol Lips” it immediately appealed to our sleaze rock hearts. That’s even before we get to the brilliant  quote on their Facebook page “I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubble gum” (where is that from?!)

Our gut instinct is immediately proved right with the dirty and dark rock n roll of opening song “Outta Scene”. The references to leather jackets and blue ripped jeans probably tells you a lot about this band. Songs like “Too Loud For The Crowd”, “No Way Out” and “Feeling Blue” have a real street punk value which will see you recalling brilliant bands like D’Generation or (obviously) The Ramones.

Although with “Out of Control” and “Queen Of The Town” they bring a bigger sound to the mix which recalls Kiss at their seventies rocking heyday. Together with “Can’t Kick It” they have that same big rock sound but without sounding commercialised or stale. There’s a glam rock feel to them but it steers clear of the shinier pop sound of hair metal.

Many of these songs have a real sleazy rock n roll feel to them. A particular highlight are “Don’t Need Your Love” and “Too Lose” which have the kind of cool swagger that Hanoi Rocks were able to convey. That’s no mean feat as, to us, Hanoi are the greatest sleaze rock band ever! Although to be fair “No One To Blame” also recalls The New York Dolls who didn’t do too bad a job!!

This is real lesson in old school gutter rock n roll. It’s down and dirty rock music that as the album title suggests probably belongs in the dimly back streets of town. It’s a great reminder of when rock n roll could have a sense of danger and trouble about it. It’s probably too sleazy for these modern, sanitised days. But for us who still love the sleazy rock n roll heritage of a music style passed from the Stones to the Dolls to Hanoi, then you’ll lap this up!

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