One Way Ticket “And Life Just Simply Moves Along”

One Way Ticket “And Life Just Simply Moves Along”


To be honest, beyond Daft Punk, we have very little knowledge of the French music scene. But that’s something that One Way Ticket are eager to change. It certainly helps that their bio describes them as a power pop band who are influenced not just by classic bands like The Jam and the Buzzcocks but also two of our favourite Britpop bands, Pulp and Suede.

The album opens with the retro sounding “In The Upper World”, along with “Weeping Toys” they have a sound which is equal parts mod and power pop. That’s fine with us as it basically means pop songs played with spirit and bit of attitude. Whilst “Magical Springs” has the kind of delightful melody which has us thinking of a rocking Beatles.

That’s not to say that this is an album that sounds old. Indeed, “All Change” has a vibrancy about it which makes it instantly catchy. There’s also a more ‘angular’ sound to “Miss Grievous” that gives it an indie sound like Franz Ferdinand at their most poppy. That’s the thing we like about One Way Ticket, they can write a good tune. They deliver the pure pop sound of “Finger Snaps” alongside the melody driven anthem of “A Different Curfew”.

This album isn’t one that is going to change the world. But that doesn’t need to be the purpose of every album. Instead, this is a collection of great indie pop songs. They show nods to brilliant songwriters like Costello and Weller. The album’s a reminder that there will always be room in the world for a song with a good beat and a catchy melody.

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