The Coat Hangers “Nosebleed Weekend”

The Coat Hangers “Nosebleed Weekend”


It can be a bit damn annoying to stumble on a band and think you’ve discovered something cool and new. We’re ashamed to admit that whilst this is their fifth album, it’s the first time that we have heard them. I guess, it’s better late than never.

The moment you hear first song “Perfume” you will be struck by how effortlessly ‘cool’ the band sounds. Tracks like “Excuse Me”, “Burn Me” and “I Don’t Think So” have a slacker feel to them but also have a swagger of confidence that makes them so appealing.

Don’t go thinking this is some low key, laid back affair though. “Dumb Baby” has a gritty punk sound and “Squeak Tiki” (with its accompanying Sooty sound) is surely built to drive parents (or in our case, wife) mad!

There is also a sense that the Coat Hangers are more than ‘just’ an indie/alternative band. Songs like “Down Down” and “Nosebleed Weekend” have more of a depth to them. Whilst “Watch Your Back” is the kind of song that you feel should be launching the band to international success.

They also drop in some sixties and almost girl group sounds in to the mix. Therefore, songs like “Make It Right” and “I Don’t Think So” remind us of the brilliant Those Darlins. Like that band, on songs like “Hiya”, they take elements from decades gone by but make them feel very relevant and ‘now’. Then, on “Hard Enough” they add a grungier sound with its Nirvana esque guitar lines. That’s the kind of track you could imagine being a big hit in an indie disco (if they still exist?!?).

This is a great album that stands head and shoulders above so many similar indie/alternative acts.  It manages to blend influences from right through the ages of music whilst not sounding contrived. Many bands struggle to makes their music sound ‘genuine’, yet this is the total opposite. There’s no sense they are trying to jump on any bandwagon or to be hip and cool. Instead it’s an authentic sound of a band looking to create their own path.. Something sadly too rare these days.

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