Razor Bats “This High” EP

Razor Bats “This High” EP


We only recently reviewed Razor Bats last album “Camp Rock” (see here). We absolutely loved that and were therefore very excited to hear they had already released some new material. It’s good to see a band not sitting around on their arses but actually making sure their music gets out there.

Opener “The Hurricane” shows there has been no drop in the quality. It’s another great rocking song which will remind you of bands from times gone by. It has the sheen of the classic LA/Sunset strip bands but with the gutter sleaze of the legendary Hanoi Rocks and Backyard Babies. The moment “This High” kicks in, we guarantee another legendary band will be in your brain. The Ramones. It’s a great punk pop song with a surprising sweetness, imagine The Ramones playing a Beach Boys song! Things sadly come to a premature end with “Born In The Fast Lane” which, despite its title, is actually a mid-paced rocker. In fact, shock horror, it’s almost a ballad! But as an old hair metaller, we have our sensitive side and there is still a hint of sleaze to the sound, a la Backyard Babies “Abandon”.

Razor Bats do bring a sense of nostalgia with their sound BUT it’s actually good to hear a proper rock n roll band. It’s a tragedy that once great bands like Buckcherry are now reduced to supporting a pantomime act like Steel Panther. However, with great bands like Razor Bats, the perennial Michael Monroe and the return of The Hellacopters, then maybe there is still some hope for good old punk n roll!!

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