A. Sinclair “Get Out Of The City”

A.Sinclair “Get Out Of The City”


Whilst A.Sinclair may be a new name to you, it is clear that he has earned his stripes. This includes fighting in the DIY rock trenches when he began as a Boston teenager. He has now developed a huge portfolio of songs. Many of these come from a working class style that is married to smart pop hooks and it is no surprise that he has generated a loyal band of followers.

The title track opens the album and it’s a relatively low key start with a mid-paced song. The intensity soon builds up with “Liars In The State Of New York” which is a great little rocker with a power pop feel to it. There’s a sinister hint to “They Breed And Say Hello” but it still boasts a catchy refrain.

Songs like “You Gotta Heart” and “Late Nights and Afternoons” have a sound which is kind of like a punk or garage rock song, but played by a power pop band. It’s a sweet and sour kind of sound that blends intensity with a commercial tone. Although, in contrast, “Everything We Need” is a slow, folk/Americana song and “Green Leaves” has an almost laid back country twang to it.

The more power pop influence is back to the forefront on the excellent “I’m On A Ocean”. When you hear the pop and rock mix of songs like “Grab, Pull and Separate” and “Let It Go”, it’s not too far a leap to start reminiscing about Elvis Costello or, indeed, a more modern legend, Butch Walker.

We’re almost tempted to describe this album as being ‘adult pop’ …but for some reason that seems to conjure up negative references. It’s full of songs that have retained the energy and enthusiasm of those garage rock beginnings but there is no longer the need to just shout and scream. There is just a balance of melody and passion in the songs. It certainly comes as no surprise to learn that having just become a father, A. Sinclair is now learning to adjust to life away from dive bars! The songs still have a swagger but don’t need to hide their quality behind the cockiness and arrogance of youth.

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