The Urban Voodoo Machine “Hellbound Hymns”

The Urban Voodoo Machine “Hellbound Hymns”

uvm hellbound

Anyone who knows The Urban Voodoo Machine probably associates them with having a good time. Indeed, if you’ve seen them live, chances are it is one of your most fun gigs ever. However, the band have had a bit of a tough time recently, with some sad losses. We’re pleased to see, however, that they remain as strong as ever in the face of adversity and are still expressing their colourful character through this new release.

The album does start with the somewhat dark, “While We Were All Asleep”, it’s not a song to play for your kids, or even yourself, just before bed time! We then move on to the swing style of “Love and Addiction”, which is a classic Urban Voodoo Machine tale of woe and despair.

The tone does pick up with the more ragtime flavour of “Shattered Dreams”. Along with songs like “Bucket of Blood” and “Hit The Road Rag”, you know on first listen that these are going to be live favourites. Inevitably, they will lead to drunken sing-a-longs. The great thing about The Urban Voodoo Machine is that they deliver all their songs with emotion and passion. So whilst “All Mixed Up” will get you up and dancing, “Baby’s Turning Blue” could well bring a tear to your eye. In “Destiny Angel”, you have a song that would be perfect for a Tarantino Western.

There is the usual vibrant mixture of sounds that make up the cocktail of styles and flavours that we take for granted with this band. It’s like a drink made from ALL of the top shelf, there are shots of rock n roll, flamenco, blues, Latino… you name it. Whether it’s because of the tough times they’ve endured, it does seem like there is even greater depth than usual to this release. That’s perfectly exemplified by the slow waltz of “Fallen Brothers”, a fitting ode that will see fans raising a toast to the fallen members of the band… well, that’s until you get to the mad capped finale!

When you listen to an album by The Urban Voodoo Machine you always feel that you are being given a glimpse of an alternative, strange and wonderful world. The songs all retain a sense of mystery and danger. As always, we expect the true nature of many of the songs will only be revealed in their full glory at a live show. They’re part of an overall performance which makes The Urban Voodoo Machine such a unique band. Amongst all the fake ‘alternative’ bands, this is the real deal, a true bunch of bohemians. This album will be more than enough to satisfy your cravings for a slice of their alternative side of life until you get to catch them at a show soon.

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