Danny Laj & The Looks “Ten Easy Pieces”

Danny Laj & The Looks “Ten Easy Pieces”

This is Danny Laj &The Looks third release but we’re ashamed to admit they’re new to us. However, offering up an album that promises power pop that gives the melodies a certain joie de vivre means it was one we had to check out.

Our first reaction when hearing opening number “Smile” was just wow! After a somewhat depressing year, this is indeed a song that will make you smile. It’s got a fantastic blend of a sound that is kind of like pure pop Costello mixed with the Beach Boys. It’s then followed by the amazing beat pop sound of “You And Me” which is like a long-lost Beatles classic.

The album then manages to kick into an even bigger gear with the brilliant power pop of “Pick It Up”. Together with “I Play Guitar” this is a combination of songs that will totally knock you out. Those tracks together with “Til Jockeys Lament” and “Wanted to Be Love” show that the band is also able to rock out. These are the kind of songs we are desperate to hear being blasted out live again. Things then head back to a more sixties sound with the jangly guitar pop of “Painting My Face”. Somewhat strangely, along with “Smoke In The Sun”, these are songs that could have been huge hits here in the UK during the heady days of Brit Pop. A special mention has to go to “Who’s Pickin On You”, possibly our favourite song on the album and one that manages to mix a power pop song with a northern soul feel…brilliant.

Man, after a year of Covid and lockdowns this is the perfect antidote. Yeah, getting your jab is really important but if you’re looking for some music to really give you a lift then this is the album for you!

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