Lovebreakers “Primary Colours”

Lovebreakers “Primary Colours”

We almost feel we need to declare a public interest in Lovebreakers. There aren’t many bands ‘local’ to us that offer up music that has a kind of punk power pop sound. We also know that at least one of the members was also in a band called Sharks  – possibly the only punk band to come from our own Leamington Spa. So, do they meet our expectations?

It’s clear from opening number “Eye Roller” that it’s going to be a big fat yes! As promised, together with other tracks like “Set In Gold” and “Family Man”, they offer up a near perfect blend of punk rock attitude with power pop melodies and style. There is, however, far more to this album than even that. “Laura” is a big and bold rock number that we didn’t really believe a UK band would be capable of. To be fair, the album was recorded in California and there is no doubt that the US sun must have helped create the great pop rocking sound of “Cling On”…. a song that really should be a worldwide smash.

But, this isn’t some American punk rock rip off. “I Will Love Life” has an off-beat sound that has you thinking of a more jaunty Clash. Whilst “Jaunty Gentlemen” has the kind of melody that you will be humming for weeks. That being said, anyone looking for a band to replace the much-loved Gaslight Anthem wont go too wrong with the melodic punk rock of songs like “Same Blood” and “Primary Colours”.

It’s a delicate act trying to maintain a punk rock sound but also allow your pop melodies to still shine through. We’re delighted to say that the Lovebreakers absolutely nail it. This seems to be an album that is built for blasting out in your car as you drive in the sun. Whilst we may dream of doing that in California, we’re pretty sure it’ll sound ‘almost’ as good on the A45 heading into Birmingham!!!

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