Autogramm “No Rules”

Autogramm “No Rules”

We absolutely loved Autogramm’s last album, “What R U Waiting 4”. It was a resplendent album of electro power pop with a punky attitude. A sound which very few bands are capable of really nailing without sounding, well, a bit “naff”. So, the question is….. have they managed to strike gold again?

The title track “No Rules” starts the album and ironically begins by stating the rules are “be nice…have fun” and that’s a pretty good definition of what this album is all about. You will certainly have fun listening to the pure ‘80s sound of “Mantra” which is almost Duran Duran esque. Songs like “Future Primate” will have you reminiscing about leg warmers and shoulder pads in a far cooler way then anything the 1975s have delivered. Despite it’s title, if “Anxiety” doesn’t get you singing and dancing then you need to check your pulse!

The band have still managed to retain that punk and rebellious element. Naturally “Jody Is A Cop” will have you thinking of a synth version of the Ramones. But, along with “Too Loud”, it also has us recalling the brilliant Adam And The Ants (now that’s a band we would love to see have a revival). Similarly, there’s a deviant and rebellious tone behind the pop of “I Am A Situation” and “Fuck Fast Fashion”. Whilst “Bad Day” is an album highlight and a wonderful power pop gem.

As we hoped, this is a great album that may have a very retro sound, but still offers something a bit different. We know that you’ll get references to bands like Devo and Cars in most reviews but if you really want to compare them to a band that perfected this sound then it’s Pink Grease. That’s a band that should’ve been huge but never were…it’s up to all of you reading this to make sure that Autogramm don’t suffer the same fate!

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