The Nuclears “Seasides”

If there is a music label that’s going to pull us kicking and screaming out of the doom and gloom of a pandemic then it’s Rum Bar Records. Mind you, they haven’t let a virus stop them releasing great rock ‘n’ roll records and the most recent example is The Nuclears and their album “Seasides”.

It kicks off with the awesome punk ‘n’ roll of “Siamese Connection”. Together with tracks like “Make The First Move” and “I Just Wanna Have Nothing To Do” these are the finest slices of punk, glammy, pop since bands like The Exploding Hearts and D’Generation. They perfectly balance an almost bubble-gum pop sound with street punk attitude. It’s impossible to resist  the glitter rock of “Doing The Same Thing Too” or the sleazy Dolls sound of “Small Talk”.

However, The Nuclears also offer a bit more diversity than many bands in this genre. It’s certainly helped by also having a brilliant female singer to share the vocals. That’s perfectly shown by “Steer You Wrong” which has a wonderful soul like feel to it. Then you get the slinky blues that starts off “Mystery Slinker” before it develops into a full classic rock belter. A special mention should also go to “Slash Run”, a song which has you thinking this sounds like classic KISS (remember that) before it deftly slips into a cover of “Strutter” (although it sounds so close it could be the original live version?!). The album then ends as it started with the perfect punk ‘n’ roll of “Flat & Nasty”.

This album is exactly what you need to bring a bit more fun and rock ‘n’ roll in your life. Will it solve all the woes of the world? No. Will it force you in to smiling and having a good time? You bet your ass it will!

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