Art D’Ecco “In Standard Definition”

Art D’Ecco “In Standard Definition”

Surely in this world of doom, the one thing we really need is an androgynous neo-glam art-rocker. Thankfully,Art d’Ecco has arrived to save us from the boredom with this album.  The proposal of an album that is influenced by ‘70s glam, new wave, new romantic electronic art-rock is surely too hard to resist?

 The album opens with “Desires” which is a welcome slice of glammy pop. It is just the first of many songs that will remind you that music can be inventive and fun.  In particular “Bird Of Prey” is a joyous song that is hard to resist. The glam rush hits a high with the fantastic “Head Rush” which has a great T-Rex simplicity to its sound.

There’s an electro pop sound to many of the tracks on here. But whilst that style can often lead to a stark and almost sterile sound, that’s certainly not the case here .“TV God” adds an underlying disco beat so the song works it’s way into your brain. It will come as no surprise that “I Am The Dance Floor” is equally as addictive. There’s a more 80’s feeling synth sound to “In Standard Definition” whilst “Good Looks” has an electro power pop sound which should really feature in a teen film.

We’re sure Art D’Ecco would baulk at any comparisons where there is a desire to remain unique but there’s a sound and style here that will certainly appeal to fans of Ezra Furman. The album has that  same knack of taking a blend of style and influences but remaining fresh and inventive. Although perhaps we should also see it as a nod to the ultimate androgynous neo-glam art-rocker, Mr Bowie. Surely that’s a comparison anyone would be happy to have made about their music.  

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