Latch Key Kid “Fade In The Light”

Latch Key Kid “Fade In The Light”

Latch Key Kid is actually the performing name for the singer/songwriter Gavin Heaney. An artist who has released a number of albums both under this name and as a member of the band Slackstring. A resident of Manhattan beach, with his surfer looks, pictures with acoustic guitars and references to Buddhism, you may have thoughts of Jack Johnson going through your head but there is SO much more than that to his music.

The title track “Fade In The Light” brings an immediate ‘warmth’ that is so welcome as we (hopefully) come out of the covid nightmare of the past 12 months. That sense of a warm and comforting tone is also present on “War on Heaven”. Importantly this isn’t just a ‘sunny day’ throwaway sound, but one with far more depth and feeling to it. You just want to melt away with the almost orchestral feel of “Red Skies”.

The production and sound of this album is something else and in some ways it is hard to believe it is essentially the work of a solo artist. This is certainly not some kind of acoustic guitar by the fire album (although “End Of The Days” could be beautifully performed in that way). “Like Me” is one of the standout tracks on the album and if the makers of the next Bond film are looking for the theme song, then this is the one. This would be the perfect way to introduce a modern Bond with its sense of foreboding and melody. And if that’s not enough, Gavin has also got another song for the next movie in “Grab Your Guns”.

The album also gives the chance for Gavin to show a variety of styles and influences. There’s a little blues interlude with the Stonesy “Station Blues” and then you get an almost nursery rhyme theme with “Day Is Coming”. In contrast, there’s a punky vibe to the  acoustic Nirvana styled “Freak”. That’s all before the album is perfectly ended with “Speed Of Light”, a song which moves into Bowie territory.

It would be great if this album could increase Latch Key Kid’s presence here in the UK. It’s an album that could provide comfort in these dark times and bring a bit of warmth and joy whilst we patiently wait at home for the world to open up again

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