Jeff Whalen “Ten More Rock Super Hits”

Jeff Whalen “Ten More Rock Super Hits”

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the brilliant album from the band The Brothers Steve (read it here We then discovered, with much joy, that vocalist Jeff Whalen has released some solo material.

If, like us, you enjoyed The Brothers Steve release then you’re going to LOVE this! The album explodes into life with the fantastic pop rocking sound of “Going Around” and “Jendy”. Two absolutely stunning songs that are as catchy as hell. Along with great power pop songs like “Ground Game For Worm” and the title track “10 More Rock Super Hits” they just seem written to bring some joy in to your life.

There’s a risk that some of the tracks may be a little too ‘sugary’ or ‘pop’ for some listeners. But we adore a good pop song and love the pure power pop songs like “Kung Fu Criminal“ and “Don’t Give Up”. Whilst all of the songs are worthy of praise, a special mention should go to the sublime “Man Of Devotion” and “Soylent Blue”. These tracks are classic power pop songs that legends such as Cheap Trick or Redd Kross would die for. We also see Jeff adding a bit of a sci-fi pop feel to “The Alien Lanes”, fans of Tsar, another brilliant band he’s in, will love it.

Listening to this release reminds us of one of the greatest power pop albums of all time, Redd Kross’ “Third Eye”. Like that album, these songs have a sense of pure pop innocence to them. Whilst carefully crafted, they bring a sense of uncomplicated joy with their big melodies. This album is as warm and delightful as sitting in the pure sunshine on a cold day, a must buy for power pop fans.

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