The Brothers Steve “#1”

The Brothers Steve “#1”

If we tell you that The Brothers Steve includes three former members of the brilliant glam/power pop band Tsar that should be enough to make you rush out and buy this album. They were a sadly overlooked group (especially here in the UK) who delivered some of the best rocking pop songs since Redd Kross. We’re therefore praying that The Brothers Steve can pick up that mantle with this release

That Tsar feeling is certainly apparent on tracks like “Angeline” and “Songwriter”. They have that same crunching power pop feel, with a hint of sci-fi glam. On the whole though, this is a far more fully fledged ‘pop’ album. Indeed, the title “We Got The Hits” pretty much makes this review unnecessary. That song in particular is a perfect slice of pop rock. It’s a bit glammy and possibly a bit tacky, but it’s also as catchy as hell. Even better, it’s not the only one. You’ll need to check your pulse if you’re not moved by the Jellyfish esque power pop of “She”. 

Tracks like “Carolanne” and “Carry Me” are equally as glorious in their simple delivery of great pop songs with big melodies and  choruses you’ll struggle to get out of your head. It’s not the full on rock of Tsar, but shares that bands ability to just nail a great tune. When you hear the brilliant radio friendly hooks of “Good Deal Of Love” and “Beat Generation Turned Assassin” you can only hope that they bring the band the widescale commercial success those tunes deserve.

This is an absolutely sparking power pop release. Anyone who craves the glam bubble-gum rock of bands like Redd Kross and Enuff Z’Nuff, or perhaps the sweet pop sound of The Fountains of Wayne, will love this album. The only shame is that it didn’t come out a few months earlier, as it would have provided the perfect summer soundtrack.

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