Indonesian Junk “Spiderbites”

Indonesian Junk “Spiderbites”

This is the third release from Indonesian Junk, a band on the brilliant Rum Bar Records label. We’ve absolutely loved their previous releases. That’s no surprise given they offer up a sound described as ‘glam, punk, garage, power pop and down n dirty rock n roll’ which is pretty much all our favourite music genres.

It’s pretty clear from opener “Mean Christine” that Indonesian Junk have lost none of their sparkle. It’s a typically joyous mix of punk n roll with a good dollop of power pop. Tracks like “Wild, Wild Party” and “Headbanger” are yet more examples of the band delivering great songs which perfectly balance a punk rock attitude with a sense of melody and a hint of glam.

They’re not just one trick ponies though, and this album again shows them throwing in a few curveballs. A particular highlight is the brilliant “City Lights” which has an almost Replacements feel to it as they add in a bit of an alternative rock sound. It’s a fantastic track. They’re also capable of adding a bit of darkness into the mix with songs like “Our Town” and “I Could Die” adding more of a Dead boys feel to the album. “Animal Eyes” is a really strong track and has the feel of classic Hanoi Rocks about it.

To be honest, this album doesn’t really benefit from being over analysed. Instead, you are far better just forgetting your troubles and enjoying the upbeat rock n roll of “When I find You”. If you’re looking for a good time then you can just grab a beer and soak up the classic punk rock of “Through The Night”.

Indonesian Junk were never going to be ‘the new Radiohead’ (thank god!) and change the world. What they can do though is change your world by bringing a bit of good time rock n roll into it. There’s a short supply of bands producing great punk rock music but thankfully Indonesian Junk are delivering that on a consistent basis. If you’re looking for a power pop flavoured rock album with a side of glam and sleaze then this is the perfect album for you.

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