Pete Yorn “Caretakers”

Pete Yorn “Caretakers”

Ok, firstly we have to admit that we are newcomers to Pete Yorn’s music. But by coincidence we had seen him referenced on a Wilco site and had only just started to investigate his back catalogue when this new album arrived at our (virtual) doorstep.

The opening track’s title, “Calm Down”, is probably in itself the perfect review for this album! Whilst we tend to favour the more rocking/punky sound there are times when you do indeed need to calm down. Songs like “I Wanna Be The One” and “Do You Want To Love Again” provide the perfect backdrop to that kind of mood. They just have a lovely sense of warmth and beauty to them.

There’s always a danger that this type of solo musician/singer songwriter sound can get a bit ‘samey’. That’s certainly not the case on this album and that’s largely due to the quality of songs like “Caretakers”, “ECT” and “Opal”. In some ways, it recalls artists like Brendan Benson who are capable of delivering a sound which is lush and interesting. Whilst that earlier Wilco reference seems even more apt when listening to “A Fire In The Sun”.

It also helps that he throws in the occasional change in tone and style on certain tracks. That’s particularly effective on “Idols (We don’t Ever Have To Say Goodbye)” which adds in a bit of a disco beat and a feel that could almost be the 1975s. But often, like with “Can’t Stop You” and “Try”, it means throwing in a big dollop of pop melody.

If you’re going to be cruel, this album’s sound could disparagingly be cast under the Dad rock shadow. But who really cares about that (especially as a dad!).These songs are beautifully crafted tracks which have an enduring quality to them. In a frantic world, we all need space to sit back and take the time to ease our minds. This album provides the perfect opportunity to wind down and soak up these gorgeous tunes.

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