The Sweet Things “In Borrowed Shoes”

The Sweet Things “In Borrowed Shoes”

We briefly featured The Sweet Things a while ago when they released a single (see here). Having loved their retro flavoured rock n roll, we were obviously excited to see they had now released a full album.

First song “Liquor Lightening” opens with the sound of clinking bottles and in some ways that tells you all you need to know about this release. This album is full of good time, rock n roll songs like “Almost Faded” and “Drained”. Many of the songs are perfect for sound tracking days/nights of good times and drinking. It’s a throwback to the days when bands like The Dogs D’Amour and The Quireboys were tearing up the streets of the UK.

Although, like those bands, The Sweet Things sound is surely inspired by The Rolling Stones. If “Dead Or Worse” doesn’t get you pulling some Jagger esque shapes, then this may not be the band for you (which will be your loss!). Tracks like “Coke n’” have that early Stones swagger that we just love.

Even when they slow things down on tracks like the bar room blues of “In Borrowed Shoes, On Borrowed Time” and “Feed My Dog” you end up being reminded of another band heavily influenced by The Stones, The Black Crowes. There is also a sense that The Sweet Things may also have a taste for sleazier bands where “Dr. Crazy Girl” has a glammy feel to it and “Through The Cracks Of the City” has a real New York Dolls vibe.

“In Borrowed Shoes” is a good title for this release as the songs do have a ‘retro feel’ and ‘borrow’ from bands we have already mentioned. That’s not a criticism though, rock n roll bands have always relied on what’s gone before. What is important is that this is a damn fine album, chock full of great rock n roll songs. Ironically, it’s a sound that is pretty rare today, so The Sweet Things are hopefully filling a gap in the market.

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