Cromm Fallon “Electric Bloom”

Cromm Fallon “Electric Bloom”

Sometimes it can be fairly easy to raise our interest in an artist. The fact that the press release for this album references garage rock and Britpop is a good start. Throwing in bands like The Jesus & Mary Chain, Iggy and in particular Redd Kross means a review is guaranteed! That’s all before they say the album is like “a party that we all want to be invited to, see you at the bar”!

This album kicks off with the irresistible 60’s Stones esque rock n roll of “Second Bloom”. Tracks like “East Bay” and “The Next One” confirm that this is a garage rock flavoured album. But, rather than being ‘basement songs’, tracks like the brilliant “Scars From You” seem perfect for being played in dark, mysterious (and possible seedy) bars. Things get even darker on “No Sleep” which has an almost Doors feel to it.

Initially this seems like a very ‘American’ flavoured album. But, “Out Of Control” is a timely reminder that The Kinks were one of the first exponents of garage rock. Then “Electric Change” and “Circles” have the psychedelic rock sound that The Stone Roses strived so hard to achieve.

“Death Room” sees Cromm Fallon moving back to the Stones sound as it’s a dusty, acoustic track. That’s before things are rounded off with the rumbling, garage rock of “Hired Suicide”.

There are very few bands who are able to really nail the garage rock sound. Most modern groups fall well short and just end up as a pastiche of that genre. Cromm Fallon therefore join a small group of acts (like The Richmond Sluts and Primal Scream) who are able to effectively create that sixties sense of dangerous rock n roll. This is an album that ideally you need to own on vinyl. That format would surely allow you to fully appreciate the authentic sound of this great rock n roll album.

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