The Sweet Things – singles review

The Sweet Things – singles review

We have so much music to cover that we mainly stick to album reviews rather than single releases. But that means when we do cover singles it’s a sign that something is special. That’s certainly true with the recent couple of singles from The Sweet Things.

Songs like “Slather” and “Love To Leave” are some of the best rock n roll songs we’ve heard for some time. They take a voice that reminds us of the debauched genius of Dave Bielanko from Marah and match it with some damn sweet music. It’s classic rock n roll in the shape of The Rolling Stones or The Quireboys.

Damn, “Dustinanne” just makes us want to shake our hips in a way we haven’t done since first hearing the classic “Remedy” from The Black Crowes. Need any more convincing… they’ve even got a song called “Cocaineasslicker Blues”, which is as great as the title suggests! It just adds a New York Dolls esque sleaziness to the affair.

It may be a retro rock n roll sound but it’s bloody great and sounds as fresh as hell. Buy these singles, add the band to your ones to watch out for list and join us in praying that there is going to be an album release very soon!

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