The Virgin Marys “Northern Sun Sessions”

The Virgin Marys “Northern Sun Sessions”


The Virgin Marys are a band that had been on our horizon but we’d never checked out until they release their EP “Sitting Ducks” last year. That was an excellent release which actually surprised us with the breadth of their sound. We were therefore eager to hear this new album.

Opener “Look Out For My Brother” shows they have kept that sound going. It’s a song that offers a perfect modern rock sound. It has the required big guitar sound you expect from a UK rock band but there is also a more modern, sonic sound. It’s a similar case with “SOS4UNI” which has the kind of anthemic feel that has led to the Foo Fighters obtaining such widespread radio play.

However, all of that just builds you up for the brilliant “Eye For An Eye”, a song which is a brooding and powerful song. It has a chorus that is just designed to be screamed out loud during a gig. The Virgin Marys have a fierce live reputation and it certainly feels like tracks such as “Flags” and “Step Up” are built for blasting out in a live environment.

That’s not to say there isn’t also a subtlety to the band as well. “For The Two Of Us” sees the band effortlessly slide from melancholy to a pummelling rock noise. Whilst “Blind Lead The Blind” and “Northern Sun” could easily be big breakthrough hits for the band. They even throw in an almost country thrash feel on the blues soaked “Get Me Back Home”.

There is such a dearth of ‘proper’ UK rock bands it seems strange that The Virgin Marys aren’t bigger than they are. They certainly have a dedicated and loyal fan base but main stream success seems to be just out of reach. It’s even more puzzling when you consider how bands like The Foo Fighters have remained megastars whilst churning out the same type of song album after album. Let’s hope their fans can get turned on to this release and bring The Virgin Marys a little bit of their success.

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