The Peawees “Moving Target”

The Peawees “Moving Target”


If we’re being honest, this band’s name may have put us off listening to this. For us at least, it doesn’t immediately conjure up the image of the kind of band we like. However, the fact it is on Rumbar records means it’s a definite to check out. Also, the promise of a sound containing ‘rock ‘n’ roll, R & B, punk and soul music swagger’ is certainly enough to attract us.

And, oh boy, we are sure glad that we did give it a listen. Opener “Walking Through Hell” must be the best Elvis Costello song not actually written/performed by the man himself. We’re talking early Costello when he was at his punk pop best (not the modern shit kind of Sum 41 punk pop!). Tracks like “A Reason Why” and “The Matter” just have that perfect mix of hooks and punk attitude that Mr Costello did so well.

The Peawees do expand on that sound, to a degree. “Stranger” and “Christine” have a more traditional rock and roll feel to them. Songs just as likely to get you jiving (or at least trying to) as po-going. These are numbers to get your feet tapping, head nodding and hands clapping.

There’s just a simple sense of joy when you listen to the pure pop feel of “Justify”, a track you just feel that anyone would love. Ironically, it has even more of a sixties vibe to it than “Phil Spector”, a song which is also as catchy as hell. Actually, it’s the quite brilliant “As Long As You Can Sleep” which offers up the classic sound and drums of a Spector produced song. The album then comes to an end, all too soon, with the garage rock flavour of “’Till My Mojo Works”.

Music can be many things to many people, but sometimes you just want it to be fun. That’s what The Peawees deliver with this album. It’s the kind of record you want to put on to cheer yourself up or celebrate the end of the working week. It’s full of great songs that have a goodtime rock n roll feel to them and will leave you with a big smile on your face.

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