MAIORANO “Glorious Days”

MAIORANO “Glorious Days”


When we reviewed MAIORANO‘s last album it was under the longer name of Alex Maiorano And The Black Tales. But anyhow, we absolutely LOVED that album and it was one of our favourites of that year. It’s therefore safe to say that we have been eagerly awaiting this new release.

It’s clear from opening number “Just A Sign” that MAIORANO remain committed to delivering party music. It’s impossible to listen to tracks like “I Got You” and “A Little Bit Closer” without getting a feel good factor and seeing the world in at least a slightly better light.

Whilst clearly based in rock n roll music they deliver a sound that incorporates a whole host of influences. In particular, the use of horns is always a big favourite of ours and they are used to full effect on this release. The blast of horns on tracks like “Give Me A Fix” and “Days In The Life” just make the melodies pop out and are guaranteed to get you moving.

In our review of the last album we made reference to Mink Deville and that kind of style is still here.  It means that songs like “Monkey In My Head (I Gotta Move)” and “I’ll Never Know” just transcend the usual rock stereotype and just have an extra element of style, swagger and glamour about them. The sweeping melody of “25 Times” has a real classic feel to it.

It’s great to have a release that just shines a bit of light and fun in to your life. This album delivers some classic rock n roll a la The Stones but mixes it up with some blasts of flair and style. Against the drabness of so much music around at the moment it’s great to have a colourful and energetic rock n roll release. MAIORANO certainly haven’t disappointed with this release which is another to add to our favourites list.

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