Rare Americans “S/T”

Rare Americans “S/T”


Rare Americans’ bio makes for interesting reading. They are two Canadian brothers, who’d never written a song together until a year ago, and a crazy Slovakian guitar virtuoso named Lubo. But, perhaps a little more encouragingly, they also talk about making songs containing crooked characters but with catchy music.

It’s pretty clear from first song “Balmoral Hotel” that Rare Americans are certainly offering up something a bit different with this album. That song offers up a combination of rap but also with a more soulful indie feel. Together with “I Vs I” it’s a sign that this band are happy to blend together a wide range of influences.

It’s also clear that they are a band with something to say, a point forcefully made by the song title “F**k You World”. The song itself is actually more tuneful but also more intelligent than the title may imply. Indeed, tracks like “Garbage Day” have a really neat use of lyrics. The songs include some neat one liners but also deliver some relevant and poignant thoughts.

Any anger is also off-set by the ability to deliver tunes that have a wider range appeal.  “Cats Dogs And Rats” has a mix of rock energy with a tuneful soul/blues feel and some neat blasts of horn. Things even enter an almost vaudeville approach with the darkest of show tunes in “Hands Free”.  Then it switches to the almost gypsy folk rap (possibly a whole new genre!)  of  “I had It Coming”. There are also songs like “It Was You” and “Night By Night” which could sneakily make their way in to the mainstream.

This band do indeed seem like ‘rare Americans’ as they steer away from so many of the clichés or generic styles bands often fall in. You may be duped by the first few songs in to expecting some kind of Beasties rock/rap crew. However, this band offer up something far more interesting. Definitely one to check out and we’d love to see how these songs would be delivered in a live show, so let’s hope we see them touring here soon.

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