Poor Little Things “S/T”

Poor Little Things “S/T”


There can’t be many bands that are Australian but based in Switzerland like Poor Little Things are. More importantly than their location is the fact that they offer up influences like Blondie, T-Rex, Runaways and Ramones. Given that combination of awesome bands we knew we had to check this EP out.

Opening this EP with a song called “Rock N Roller” suggests that Poor Little Things are not going to be shrinking violets. As you’d hope with that title, the song itself is a great little pop rocker with a seventies glam rock feel to it. Similarly, “Break Another Heart” is a crunching power pop/glam rocker with an almost sci-fi feel to it.

The title “Drive” is another example of the band keeping things simple. Unsurprisingly, it’s one to blast out on the highway. Although it does have a slightly darker more chugging rock sound. The tone then changes for “About Love”, a track which is actually a sweet little pop/rock song. We’re soon back on the glam rock highway with the blasting rock n roll of “Street Cheetah”.

It’s far too easy to get over serious about music and bands can easily get caught up in self-importance. Poor Little Things have remembered that there is no harm in producing some fun time pop, rock n roll. This isn’t a release for navel gazing music bores, this is a record for those who want to enjoy the escapism of rock n roll.

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