Criminal Kids “S/T”

Criminal Kids “S/T”


Occasionally you get a real affinity with a label and almost feel like they’re signing bands to match your tastes. That’s the way we’re beginning to feel about Spaghetty Town Records who have had some great recent releases. So, when we were sent this EP from Criminal Kids we were excited to check it out.

That excitement got even higher when first track “Outcast” kicked in, a perfect punk rock n roller to get the EP off to a flying start. Things get even better with the swaggering rock n roll of “Night”. A song which actually had us thinking of Faster Pussycat (if you ignored the cartoon glam side and just concentrated on the beautifully sleazy rock n roll they delivered when they first crawled out of the gutter).

Although Criminal Kids are certainly on the harder punk n roll side with the ferociousness of “Life” and “Little Bitch”. These are greasy rock songs that take no prisoners. Together with “Vanity” they are the sort of songs that would get you either drinking or driving too fast (although, of course, never at the same time!).

If you’re looking for a shot of musical adrenaline, then this release is definitely for you. There’s a simple pleasure to just hearing some great, straight up, no bullshit rock n roll music. We can guarantee you will want to play this loud!

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