The 1984 Draft “Makes Good Choices”

The 1984 Draft “Makes Good Choices”


The 1984 Draft are primarily singer songwriter Joe Anderl and some fellow Ohio based musicians. Joe and indeed The 1984 Draft have been around for a while but they’re new to us. But offering up the promise of channelling  ‘American rock sensibilities through 90’s tinted punk and indie lens’ we were eager to check  them out.

It’s pretty clear from opening song “Honest” that this is going to be a pretty special album. Tracks like “Lisbon Falls” and “Megaphone” have a real sense of depth and even ‘maturity’ (why does that feel like a dirty word to use in a review!) about them. They’re intelligent rock songs, not boring ones but ones filled with passion and a sense of purpose.

The immediate comparison that springs to mind on hearing tracks like “Jan Kawolski” and “Lutheran Heat” is with The Hold Steady. Like that band The 1984 Draft are capable of creating special songs. The  music is an intense but still highly melodic style of alternative rock. But the songs also have a story telling approach which really draws you in.

Don’t get us wrong though, this isn’t a melancholic album, we found it really uplifting. Actually, in “Lately” and “Morrissey of Mandys” they have a pair of absolutely sublime songs. These are the kind of tracks that grab you from the off and make you feel like you may have found your new favourite band. It’s punk/alternative rock with melody of the highest order. That quality continues right through until the end. Indeed, final track “Red Dress” may be our favourite on the album. You’ll definitely get to it as there is no way you’ll want to turn this album off.

This is one of those albums that you can just see becoming a huge favourite. It has a ‘classic’ feel to it which makes you think that in years to come people will be saying “oh, yeah I’ve loved The 1984 Draft right since they released Make Good Choices”. You will want to make sure you’re genuinely one of those people so grab this album now.

2 responses to “The 1984 Draft “Makes Good Choices”

  1. Great album! Thanks for turning me on to it. I can see what you mean with Hold Steady comparison. I also think the lead singer sounds like Craig Finn. Interestingly on Spotify song sequence is different. Starts with Jan Kowalski and Lately. Ends with Lisbon Falls

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