Plastic Tears “Angels With Attitude”

Plastic Tears “Angels With Attitude”


Never judge a book by it’s cover? Let’s be honest, the band name and title of this album should give you an idea what kind of band we’re covering here. The album cover leaves you in no doubt that we’re talking rock n roll renegades rather than maths rock!

From opener “Dark Passenger” it’s pretty clear that the Plastic Tears a rock band with a taste for the sleazy side of life. Songs like “Iris Kick” and “Midnight Date” are great punk n roll songs. There is also a sense of ‘glam’ on songs like “Blue Angel”. But we’re talking about the darker, harder side that has come from bands like The Dead Boys through to Scandinavian acts like Backyard Babies and Hardcore Superstar (in their earlier days).

Although, let’s not beat around the bush, the most obvious influence must surely be Hanoi Rocks. Like that band, they know that songs need a melody, as shown by the quite brilliant “Secret Society”. The vocal style on songs like “Nuclear Nights” is very Michael Monroe esque. They also manage to get that brilliant throwaway but still cool, low slung guitar style just right on “Day By Day”. If you’re going to show your influences, then you might as well choose one of the best rock bands ever!

This is certainly a darker glam rock than the more powder puff hair metal bands. But Plastic Tears haven’t forgotten that this style of music should primarily be fun. They therefore deliver some tongue in cheek boogie glam with the tacky, but fun as hell, “Miss Stumbling Legs” and the glammy pop of “Universal Kid”.

It’s so easy to adopt a snooty kind of attitude to this style of music. But fuck that, this is the sound of our youth and we still love it! It’s not going to change the world or your life. But it’s a great rock n roll album that, if nothing else, will make you feel better about your life. It reminds us of carefree days where rock magazines were full of bands who looked like rock stars rather than students and delivered good time rock n roll. If you want some of that worry free attitude back in your life then get your hands on this!

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