The Over Unders “One Fine Day”

The Over Unders “One Fine Day”


The Over Unders are young power pop brothers from Wisconsin and are said to offer up a mix of rock, brit pop and alternative music. Now given when we think of power pop brothers our mind immediately goes to the McDonalds and Redd Kross, we knew we had to give this a spin.

Sometimes it’s clear from the off that an album is going to be quality. That’s the feeling you get when you hear opening number “Your Time Is Up”. There’s just a sense that songs like “By The Way” have been written with big things in mind. That’s not to say there’s anything cynical about the song writing, it just exudes a certain confidence

It’s also really hard not to get caught up in the catchy power pop melodies of songs like title track “One Fine Day” and “Father Ocean”. These songs take the power pop element of bands like Redd Kross or perhaps a more rocking Jellyfish. Although actually “Lean” reminds us of the youthful take on that genre that The Crash Moderns had (a band who released a brilliant album before sadly disappearing).

Then when you hear a song like “Lights Camera Action” you can’t help feel that huge commercial success could just be around the corner. That’s not the only one, it’s hard to see how anyone could resist the AM friendly radio style of “Great Escape” or the crunching power pop of “Mother Mountain”. Indeed “Top Of The World” could be the most appropriate title on the album. This song throws an almost Brit pop feel in to the mix and is a brilliant feel good song.

This really is a confident and brilliant release. It is full of great power pop records that you feel are just crying out for huge exposure. It’s a style of music that initially may not be ‘cool’ enough to gain wide stream attention. But you kind of sense that it could take just one TV series or movie soundtrack inclusion and the band could be huge. Make sure you get in there first!

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