Duck & Cover “Rob Them Blind”

Duck & Cover “Rob Them Blind”


As always a new release from Rumbar Records has us immediately reaching for the play button. Duck & Cover are a Boston band and described as a gutter-rock, punk outfit which is right up our street. That’s before we get to the talk of songs being gritty and catchy as hell!

We love an album that explodes right from the off and that’s certainly the case with this one. “Live It Up” kicks things off in perfect punk power pop style. It has that great mix of pop melody but played in a gutter punk style. Along with “Vacancy” it reminds us of Tsar, a band we used to love. It’s a little less glammy and a bit grittier but equally as fun.

“Borrowed Time” shows that Duck and Cover are no lightweight power pop band, this is a proper rock n roller but, importantly, they don’t forget the need for a big hook. Indeed, this whole album is chock full of those hooks, be it the chugging rock of “Dead To Rights” or the high octane rock n roll of “Stand Corrected” and “Wasted”.

There’s almost an element of the brilliant D’Generation to “Yeah Don’t You”. There’s a dirty punk vibe that’s trying to hide the melody that’s desperately trying to be heard. That’s before they round it all off with the sleazier and more ferocious rock sound of “Touch and Go”

This is a release that ticks so many boxes for us. It’s got some great power pop songs but played by a punk rock band. They neatly balance the sweet melodies with some dirty guitar lines. This is an essential purchase for people who want to have some punch to their power pop sound.

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