The Speedways “Just Another Regular Summer”

The Speedways “Just Another Regular Summer”


It sometimes takes just a few simple words to make a band appeal to you. There’s not a huge bio on The Speedways’ Facebook page, but it does describe the band’s sound as “heavy on the Heartache rock n roll/Ronettes punk”. That’s certainly enough for us to feel this band may be a perfect fit for

A point that is proven immediately by opening number “All I Want”, a song which is indeed like a sweet piece of power pop with a shot of punk. It is also far from alone, songs like “Lonely Girl” and “Reunion In The Rain” are just some of the numerous examples of The Speedways hitting the bullseye. They manage to perfectly blend the melody of power pop but steer away from the more sterile sound that can be apparent in that genre. Tracks like “Tonight You’ll Find Love” have just enough bite to keep them feeling raw and relevant.

Indeed, songs like “Don’t Tell Me” and “In Common With You” see us thinking of Cheap Trick, surely one of the finest bands to totally nail the pop/rock sound. When you hear “Just Another Regular Summer” and “That’ll Be The Day The Earth Stood Still ” you are left dreaming of sunny days, open top car rides and these tunes blasting out of your stereo. In an ideal world, songs like the glorious “A Double Shot Of You”  and “Seen Better Days” would be getting mass radio airplay and making the Speedways global stars.

Hearing songs like “In Her Life” and “One Kiss Can Lead To Another” remind us of the days we first heard Redd Kross. This band have a sound that we just love, some may find it all a bit too sweet for their rock tastes. But for us this is just great pop tracks being played by a rock band.

We make no apologies for our enthusiasm for this album, as it’s one which really caught our interest. What makes it even more special is that The Speedways are a UK band. The perfecting of this kind of rocking power pop is normally something only US bands seem to be able to do. This is a really great album and you need to support this band and get out there and buy it now!

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