Lovebites “Social Hell”

Lovebites “Social Hell”


A few years ago a band called Sharks emerged from our hometown of Leamington. And for once we had hopes our own town could become a hub of rock n roll as they delivered some great Gaslight Anthem rock esque music. Sadly, despite a number of albums, global fame eluded them and they split up. But we were delighted to hear that Lovebites features members of that band. Even better, they reference influences like The Replacements, Rolling Stones and The Hold Steady.

It’s clear right from the off that Lovebites are offering up something a bit special with this EP. Tracks like “Tick Along” immediately promise far more than much of the turgid indie rock that’s around. There’s an element of flair and bravado to songs like “Just Fall” which, at least to us, recall the sound of The Smiths. Indeed, they remind us of a band called The Heartbreak who were around a few years ago and promised so much with their debut.

Don’t go thinking this is some soundalike bunch of miserabilists though. There are signs of much more even on these few tracks. Indeed “Duppy” and “Social Hell” have a vibrancy and confidence to it that recalls The Replacements or even The Killers when they first launched on the scene in a whirl of upbeat indie pop songs.

This is just a cracking EP, chock full of what we would call quality indie pop. They’re catchy and full of melody but also interesting at the same time. As with all good EP’s it has left us yearning for more and hopeful of a full album in the not too distant future. Add Lovebites as one of your bands to watch out for.

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