Los Chicos “By Medical Prescription”

Los Chicos “By Medical Prescription”


If you read our review of this years Red Rooster Festival (see here) you will know that we were blown away by the performance by Los Chicos. Having witnessed their brilliant live show we were chuffed to bits to see they also had a new album out. Of course, that begs the question of will they be as good on record as they are live?

The moment “Restless Noise” kicks in we know we are going to love this album. Together with tracks like “Rock And Roll Ring” and “The Price” they’re just gloriously sloppy punk rock n roll numbers.

If ever there’s a song which sums up Los Chicos it’s “Land Of A Million Dances” with it’s gang like chorus about a party it matches how this band make us feel. Songs like “Medical Prescription” and “Beer Aint Drinking” are just about grabbing a few beers (or some harder liquor) and having the time of your life. This isn’t an album for music aficionados, this is for people wanting to have nothing but a good time!

We also admire the way they keep things simple. The album is just full of rock n roll songs. Sometimes it may be more punk rock (“Nothing”) and then others have a garage rock feel (“These Grease Stained Heart”). Heck they even throw in a country vibe on “Church Of Los Chicos” but it’s still as rock n roll as f**k!

It’s always great when you discover a band that ‘tick all your boxes’ and that’s the case for us and Los Chicos. They have a song called “King Of The Party” and that is exactly what these guys are! It’s great to see a band who are just delivering rock n roll music that is great fun. The one thing you have to do is take any chance you can to see the band live. In the meantime, you can grab this album and have a party in your own house!

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