Smash Fashion “Rompus Pompous”

Smash Fashion “Rompus Pompous”

When we reviewed Smash Fashion’s last album we were delighted by their glammy rock and roll which offered up a real sense of fun. Of course, that means that this latest release comes with the burden of some high expectations.
Thankfully, it’s obvious right from the off that this album will easily meet those expectations. First track “Can’t Take You Anywhere” opens up with a hint of the Beatles’ ‘Day Tripper’ before exploding in to a great pop rocker. Indeed, on songs like “Soft As A Rock (Helium Head)” there is a sense that the band have taken on an even ‘bigger’ sound. It’s not that they’ve ‘matured’, but there is perhaps a fuller power pop feel to tracks like “Runs In the Family”. These are numbers with big hooks that instantly grab you.

That’s not to say the band don’t still rock as well. Title track “Rompous Pompous” has an absolutely glorious swagger to it and is irresistible. Whilst “Wolves of Wonderland” has a dirty stripper vibe a la Motley Crue at their pop best. “Teenage Demon” and “Gentle Hand” would’ve been equally at home on LA’s sunset strip ‘back in the day’. They even attempt to pull off their own ‘November Rain’ with the epic “Smiles Daggers”.
For those that like their glam a bit more traditional, then you will just lap up the Bolan Boogie of “Proper Way To Eat A Muffin”. Not only does it have one of the best titles we’ve heard in a long while, it’s a great glam pop stomper. That pop feel is also all over “Tender Was The Hook” and “Ugly Thugly“ which in a better world would be a huge hit.
Fair play to Smash Fashion, this release is not likely to gain them mass media exposure in the UK, because it’s not just playing up to the latest fashion and trends. Instead, you get the sense of a band playing the music they love, which surely should be every band’s priority. Thankfully if, like us, you love power pop with an added dose of glamorous rock and roll then this album will also be perfect for you.

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