Prima Donna “S/T”

Prima Donna “S/T”

For some time now, Prima Donna have been flying the flag in delivering rock n roll with a hint of glam and sleaze. Sadly, fame in the UK has largely eluded them. This is particularly annoying when you think of some of the rubbish, pastiche bands that have gained a fair amount of press coverage. So, will this release change all that?

It certainly starts promisingly enough, with “For Real”, a song in recognition of Richey Edwards. It’s a neat nod to one of our great glam icons (although Richey would probably hate to be described that way!). It’s a big and brash song which, along with tracks like “Press Your Luck”, demonstrates a band confident in what they are doing. They’re delivering full on rock songs, which really should be blasted out in arenas.

However, this release does show an element of growth from the band and is certainly not just one dimensional. “Automatic” has a more alternative/indie feel, although the saxophone break has us instantly thinking of another modern glam legend, Michael Monroe. The album hits a real high with the double combo of “Vulture Culture” and “Recurring Nightmare”. The first of these is a brilliant rock/disco hybrid with a real ‘80’s feel. With the right exposure it could be a huge hit. “Recurring Nightmare” is equally as cool and probably the most ‘current’ sounding song the band have recorded. If this was released by The 1975 it would be a massive hit. Both songs are brilliant.

There’s no need for older fans of the band to panic though. They’re still delivering plenty of glam flavoured rock n roll, as demonstrated by “Not For Nothing” and “Sound The Alarm”. Everyone will find it impossible to resist the power pop hook of “Until I Break Loose” or the instantly catchy “Love From Above”.

So, will this album bring the band the acclaim they deserve? If we’re honest, probably not! But, that’s because, certainly in the UK, the mass media just doesn’t pick up on a band like this. They’re too caught up in trying to follow trends than spotting cool rock n roll bands. So, forget about them, this album is an absolute corker and full of great, catchy rock songs. Even if others do miss out, make sure you don’t and grab a copy of this now.

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