Astral Drive “S/T”

Astral Drive “S/T”


Astral Drive is actually the name for this release by Phil Thornalley and this album is apparently his vision of a long-lost album from the 70’s. Phil is predominantly a producer who has worked with the likes of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, The Jam and produced Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn (what a song that is!). So, with that background we were definitely expecting some quality music.

There’s certainly a dreamy start to this album, with the perfect summer pop of “Love Is Real”. You’ll be pleased to know it’s one of many tracks with that same feel. Songs like “Parallel Universe” are just built for relaxed, sunny days. If you’re looking to relax and ease your mind, then “Is That Our Star” is the perfect accompaniment.

There’s an almost sixties pop feel to “Wishing I Could Change” and title track “Astral Drive” which has an almost Motown soul feel to it. Numbers like “Child Of The Universe” and “Sing To The World” have a really timeless pop feel to them. They are really finely crafted pop songs which recall carefree days.

The album hits a real high with the brilliant “Summer of ‘76” an absolutely wonderful tune which will have you reminiscing about your favourite summer ever. If any song deserved to be a huge radio hit, then it’s this one. Although, other songs like “No One Escapes” could equally have mass appeal.

Looking for the perfect soundtrack to a sunny day? Then this album will work perfectly. Hell, even if it’s not sunny, why not put this on, make yourself a cocktail and chill out on your couch… you can always just pretend you’re laying by the pool!!

One response to “Astral Drive “S/T”

  1. Great album. Homage to Todd Rundgren. Perfect in every way. A big thank you to Dave at Jockamo Records in Ventura, CA for recommending the album.
    Yes, there are still record stores with people who love music and listen to you and your tastes and can offer up some very cool licorice pizza. 🎶❤️

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