Matt Costa “Santa Rosa Fangs”

Matt Costa “Santa Rosa Fangs”

We were really in to Matt Costa a few years back, when the whole country seemed to be caught up in the Jack Johnson, laid back singer songwriter vibe. At that time, he offered far more quality than many of the also rans at the time. Indeed, he was closer to the excellent Brendan Benson.

It’s clear from songs like “I Remember It Well”, “Grudge” and “Phosphorescent Letter” that he has lost none of that quality. These are great, easy going, adult pop songs. Expertly crafted and designed to help your worries float away.

His music also has a power pop feel to it, so you get the punchier sound of “Sharon” and “Time Tricks”. A particular gem is “Pacific Groove” with its catchy, pop feel. Then title track “Santa Rosa Fangs” adds a psychedelic twist in to the mix and shows he doesn’t always play it safe. Inevitably, songs like that and “Coming Around” suggest time spent listening to classic power pop bands from The Beatles through to Jellyfish.

For those that do like the more ‘traditional’ singer songwriter style, then you’re well served by “Windy Smile” and “I Remember It Well #2”. As with previous releases, Matt Costa offers up a little bit more than simple acoustic songs. The term ‘adult pop’ seems to create a negative response, but that shouldn’t be the case. These are well crafted songs with pleasant melodies and a real charm. All delivered by a clearly talented musician and songwriter.

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