Catl “Bide My Time Until I Die”

Catl “Bide My Time Until I Die”

Regular readers will know we don’t have much time for duos, mainly because of the flood of bands post The White Stripes. But, when we reviewed Catl’s last album we loved it. So, the question is are they still one of the exceptions that prove the rule?

Certainly opener “Drive” and tracks like “Sundown And Slow” prove that they have lost none of the grit and passion which is so appealing. Sure, there’s a blues element, but really there’s a far dirtier, almost country vibe to it. This is drinking whisky in rough bars music… and we love it! Although, the raucous sound of “Cocaine Blues” could easily soundtrack things getting out of hand!

The other thing which makes Catl stand out, is that there is also a more rock n roll element to the band. So, you get the garage rock calling of “Baby, You All Wrong” or the raw rock n roll of “Superfly Lady”. A particular favourite is the almost doo wop rockabilly feel of “Misunderstand”.

To be fair, a review isn’t really necessary as you just need to listen to the song “Hot Baked Cornbread and Spice”. The lyrics statesthat the band sound like ‘hot baked cornbread and spice’. Now, we’re not entirely sure what that tastes like but you get the sense this is real roots rock n roll. But the ‘spice’ we’d be partaking in whilst listening is spiced Rum! Certainly, that’d go down well with the Stones esque feel of “I’m On”.

This band just have a raw, authenticity that is impossible to resist. They take you away to a dusty, dirty bar in the south of the States. It’s rough and ready, but you know you’ll have a good time. Sadly, those places may be hard to find here in the UK. But where we would love to see the band is at Red Rooster  festival, a place where they would fit in perfectly!

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