Twin Flames Radio “S/t”

Twin Flames Radio “S/t”

Now when the bands The Dog’s D’Amour and Vixen first hit the scene, you’d have got big odds on two of the members getting married. But that’s what drummer Bam and bassist Share did. Now, who’d have thought that all these years later they would still be making music together? The fact that they are still producing new material must be a sign of their love for each other and music.

Maybe it’s just our mind playing tricks on us, but “Love Is Rainin’” somehow sounds like a mix of their original bands. There’s that acoustic troubadour feel of The Dogs but with a more epic rock feel. Indeed, you might be a bit surprised by how they’ve managed to deliver such big, arena rock esque tunes in the shape of “Always You” and “Into My Shoes”. They verge on being AOR songs. Indeed, “Peace & Love & Rock & Roll” starts like a Bowie pop number, before reminding us of “God Gave Rock N Roll to You” by Kiss. You might try to resist it, but we bet you end up singing along!

However, that’s only half of the story, as this album shoots all over the place – in a very good way. There’s an electro pop feel to “Too Much Noise” and “Love You Wild”. Songs that are bubble-gum pop but damn good fun. They could easily be done by a modern, teen rock band (or indeed Share and Bam’s old band Bubble). Brilliant stuff.
Then, we’re back to dreamy, Bowie pop on “Let It Go”. That’s before the Beatles flavoured pop rock of “She Loves You Now”, which is like the kind of great power pop/rock song that Enuff Z’ Nuff used to deliver. That’s all before the awesome Tina Turner style soul, funk rock of “Got That Thing”.

This album just screams fun. It’s like the pair have squeezed in everything that they love about music in to this release. It throws in a few curve balls and the whole album is just fresh, intriguing and entertaining. You just kind of feel that you’re having as much fun listening to it as they had recording it. Whether you’re fans of any of their previous bands or not, you really need to check this out. So, don’t mess around, go here and buy it!

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