Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors – “Traitors Club Year 1 EP”

Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors – “Traitors Club Year 1 EP”


Ryan Hamilton is one of those American artists that seems to have developed a special relationship with the UK. That’s probably down to the fact that we love a ‘trier’ over here. Ryan is clearly a hardworking and passionate musician, as shown by his determination to keep releasing new material and to regularly play over here. Which is good news for us as we get this EP and a supporting tour.
Thankfully, he also delivers some fun and sunshine to fight off the winter blues. Opener “I’m So Glad” certainly has an appropriate title as you would need a heart of stone not to enjoy getting the chance to hear this upbeat power popper. Whilst clearly focused on delivering big melodies, Ryan isn’t afraid to show at least a little bit of rock ‘muscle’ on tracks like “The Ghost of James Dean” and ”Stranger Across The Street”. Although, as demonstrated by “Brand New Man”, the main aim is to deliver great songs to make you smile.

Things really hit a high with the double whammy of “Same Page” and “Sick And Tired”. The first of those is a huge power pop song. It recalls the mighty Butch Walker at his most commercial and ‘pop’. Sure, there’s a hint of tackiness to the use of ‘nah, nah’s’, but to be honest we just love it even more because of that! “Sick and Tired” has a more crunching rock feel to it, but that just results in us thinking of The Crash Moderns, a band most people seemed to miss, despite being awesome. That just leaves “Say My Name” as a final burst of joy to sign this EP off.
As we said at the start, there seems to be a special bond between Ryan and the UK. Which in some ways seems kind of strange as we often seem to struggle with this kind of upbeat pop rock. That’s probably because you kind of feel it will sound even better in the warm sunshine of the States. It will probably be a long time until we get some warm sunny weather here, so in the meantime you should grab this EP as a perfect way of giving you a warm and happy feeling.

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