The Two Tens “On Repeat”

The Two Tens “On Repeat”

The Two Tens are a duo from LA and a band who are developing a real buzz, which can be attributed to the hard work they’ve put in. The cover of this album just screams out as one of a band with a lot of attitude.

Getting the ‘garage rock’ sound right can be a lot harder than it may seem. On tracks like “On Repeat”, “Feel So Dumb” and “Not Alright” The Two Tens get a great blend of snotty vocals and gutter rock that is ‘sloppy’ but still melodic.

However, it’s when they let the melody shine that things get really interesting. “Crushed Me” teases us with some handclaps and a fifties feel but then things really explode with “Keeping Hope Alive”. That’s a real corker of a song which has a surf pop feel and a garage pop sound to match the brilliance of Redd Kross. That’s in contrast to the grungy, in your face, punk of “Stuck In My Head” and “Mean Spirit” (although, to be fair, they could also have appeared on Phase Shifter by the aforementioned Redd Kross – an album you must also check out!).

Part of the secret of tracks like “Burden” and “Nerve Damage” is taking what is effectively a surf pop song but putting it through a punk rock blender. This album is a bit of a ‘grower’ in that a few of the tracks will take a while to edge their way in to your brain.  The melodies are subtler and hidden behind the blustering rock sound. Although, “Street Light” and “Girlfriend Island” are instantly accessible numbers that will have you singing along straight away.

As we’ve said before, often a sign of a good band is an ability to deliver the simple things well. That’s the case with this album. It’s full of appealing garage rock tracks with seriously infectious melodies. It’s one of those albums where you can’t help thinking that you can’t wait to get the opportunity to catch the band live as you can guarantee these songs will really be a blast when heard in a club.

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