Love L.U.V. “You & Me Babe”

Love L.U.V. “You & Me Babe”

We don’t know why but certain band names and album titles are just so great at letting you know what to expect.  That’s true of this release as it immediately conjured up images of sixties retro, peace and love.

Right from opening number “I Got A Letter” you just know that Love L.U.V. have just nailed their sound. It’s a wonderful girl group inspired style. We don’t know who decided that a girl group and garage rock sound would be such a great combination, but we’re glad they did! This band take that template and deliver it with real style. You will find it very hard not to clap your hands along to songs like “Baby I Love You”, “Come See Me” and “There Goes My Heart”.

Tracks like “One & Only Friend” and “You Do Something” have a very ‘loose’, garage rock feel to them. But that’s what makes them so appealing. They sound like a real band, not just some over produced and heavily sampled corporate band. Whilst “Why Oh Why” sounds like a track recorded specifically for a Tarrantino film soundtrack.

In many ways, Love L.U.V. come across like the younger and slightly more innocent (for now) sisters of Those Darlins. It’s sixties girl group songs played by a garage rock band. A relatively straightforward approach but ever so effective. Also, as demonstrated by say The Detroit Cobras, it’s a sound that whilst established can still be flexed and developed as the band grows. We definitely want to hear more from Love L.U.V. and hope to be able to catch them live, where you kind of sense these songs will really fly.

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