Neon Animal “Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead”

Neon Animal “Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead”

neon animal

Let’s face it, with an album title like ‘Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead’ we were always going to want to review this album. Our anticipation levels were raised even further when we saw their Facebook bio references a sound like Iggy fronting Aerosmith..sounds right up our street!

All our expectations are immediately matched when the album starts with a dirty guitar riff and a sleazy ‘come on’. Opener “I’m Killing Myself And Everyone Else Is Helping” is certainly far catchier than the title may imply. The dirty riffs keep coming with “Spin” which has a kind of ‘On A Rope’ sound to it but is a far more sleaze rock flavoured song.

The title track “Bring Back Rock N Roll From The Dead” probably tells you exactly what Neon Animal are trying to do. Somewhat appropriately, this song has a feel of Michael Monroe, one of rock n rolls greatest survivors, about it. Together with “Gimme More” these are straight up rock numbers built for playing loud.

Things take a darker tone on the slow and brooding “This Is The End”. We had expected the album to have a slow power ballad but this is actually a far more interesting track with an almost Gothic feel to it (although still with a very ‘metal’ guitar solo!). It contrasts really well with the rocking “Kiss Like Dynamite” and “Bedtime Stories”. These are songs that would’ve been huge hits back in the days of Guns N Roses and Faster Pussycat etc. Indeed, “Hero To Zero” reminds us of Kik Tracee (one of the better bands that got lost amongst the glut of trash). It’s based on sleazy rock n roll but also has a darker edge that is a bit like The Cult at their most commercial.

Whilst we may not agree that rock n roll is dead, it’s fair to say that it is in need of some resuscitation! Neon Animals certainly deliver the necessary adrenaline shot. It’s great to hear a new band delivering good time rock n roll. The songs are built on big riffs and sleazy lines but without sacrificing a sense of melody. Even better, this is actually a British band keeping the rock n roll spirit alive so they definitely deserve your support.

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