The Virgin Marys “Sitting Ducks”

The Virgin Marys “Sitting Ducks”


The Virgin Marys are one of those strange bands who have developed a hugely passionate fan base but never quite got the wider praise and exposure they clearly deserve. They are one of the best rock bands that the UK has produced in recent years so it’s great to see them back with this new EP.

The title track “Sitting Ducks” initially starts off in typical style as a big rocky number. However, it also has a funky feel to it which suggest the band are approaching things with a little more swagger. It’s a brilliant track and really should be a massive hit. That brighter sound is kept going with “Sweet Loretta” which sound like how we would imagine a young U2, if they actually knew how to have fun!

Things settle down a bit with “Through The Sky”, a more reserved and perhaps more ‘typical’ Virgin Marys song built on an earnest sense of passion. The EP then comes to an end with the slow paced “Sleep”, a song which is again full of emotion and could easily be a big lighters in the air festival favourite.

The Virgin Marys may have been around for some time now but there is certainly no sign of them becoming jaded. Indeed, this EP represents some of their brightest and best work to date. Any one of these songs could easily be picked up by radio or TV and propel them in to the arenas where they belong. Indeed, with Mr Eavis decrying the lack of guitar based headline bands, perhaps he should be checking out The Virgin Marys!!

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