Mutts “Stick Together’

Mutts “Stick Together’


It’s always interesting to hear how circumstances may have affected a release. This latest release by Mutts comes after some tough personal times for songwriter Mike Maimone and a few troubles for the band. It may therefore be surprising to hear that this is actually being presented as a more uplifting release from the band

When first song “I’ll Be Around” starts, your attention is immediately grabbed by the deep and soulful voice of Mike Maimone. It gives a real warmth to the laid back and sparse, but still engaging song. There’s a slower, darker tone to “Neighbour” but this time it’s lifted by some sweeter female backing vocals. It gradually builds into a brooding blues rock number.

The beat picks up on “Let’s Go” a catchy blues rocker that will certainly appeal to fans of The Black Keys or Jack White’s various bands. “Tin Foil Hat” begins with a similar fuzzy blues riff and has festival favourite written all over it. The more upbeat tone is kept up with excellent final song “Don’t Touch It” which to us is like a Pearl Jam song with added funk…honest it sounds better than that might imply!

This is a cracking EP that’s packed full of quality tunes. Over the last few years there has been something of an abundance of bands playing songs based on bluesy riffs, but this is definitely a bit special. It has an energy and freshness about it that leaves you wanting more.

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