Pink Hotel “The Man, The Bird and The Whale”

Pink Hotel “The Man, The Bird and The Whale”


It’s been a fair while since the NME highlighted a decent new band to us (yes it does still occasionally feature some good music!). But when they referred to Pink Hotel’s style as being the UK’s answer to The Gaslight Anthem, we knew we had to check them out.

Opener “She Doesn’t Know” is a fine slab of commercially flavoured rock. It has a far bigger sound that you might expect from a new act. There’s plenty of passion and energy, but also a clear understanding of the benefits of a big tune. We can perhaps see the Gaslight reference on “Modern Times” as it has the same kind of epic sound and builds in to a huge chorus. Things are then sadly at an end all too quickly with “Miracle”, a song which clearly has a Springsteen influence to it.

So, it looks like the NME may have got this one right. This is a band who has some fine songs that have the capacity to fill arenas. With the demise of the Gaslight Anthem there are some big commercial rock shoes that need occupying. Along with the likes of Colt 45 and The Road Home, Pink Hotel are a young band who could well fill that gap. Definitely a band to watch out for.


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